Whether you call it Gulf Shore Park, Live Oak Park or Crystal Beach Pier, this is beautiful place to go to enjoy the ocean breeze sit and watch the birds, go fishing, or have a picnic.

There are three names for this place. Crystal Beach Pier refers to just the pier. Gulf Shore park refers to the beach area to the west of the parking lot and Live Oak Park is a nice park with old gnarly oak trees to the East of the parking lot. Together they form single cohesive park as you can see in the video below.

The sun sets over the gulf water and many people go down to enjoy the beautiful sunsets here. There aren’t many amenities, but there are picnic tables, benches to sit on, lots of sidewalks, a pier to fish from, and one small gazebo.

Rather than being a beach, I would really consider this more of a neighborhood park on the water. It is a good place to stretch your legs, walk your dog, and enjoy a beautiful sunset. The parking lot isn’t big, but there are usually enough spaces for those who need one.

Sometimes the water is clear and sometimes it has algae based on the season. Pets are allowed in the park on leashes. There are no lifeguards and people usually don’t use this as swimming beach but some people do wade and there are buoys to keep boats at a bit of a distance.

General Information

Address: I600 Crystal Beach Ave, Crystal Beach, FL 34681

Hours: 7am-8pm

Distance to Orlando: 113 miles

Crowd Level: Low

Handicap Accessibility: There are lots of sidewalks.

Crystal Beach Pier Videos


  • Bird Watching
  • Fishing: Yes, people often fish of the pier


  • Parking
  • Pier

What’s Allowed

  • Pets: Yes, on leashes
  • Nudity: No
  • Cars on Beach: No

Other Information


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