Astro Orbiter is a simple spinning ride with a bit of a fun twist. It is set high above Disney’s Magic Kingdom park.

You enter from the ground level into two elevators which take you up to the level where you will ride the Astro Orbiter. There is only a short line at the top.

When its your turn to ride 1-3 people can ride in each rocket, like a parent with their one or two small kids. Each adult usually gets their own rocket. You do sit one in front of the other so you will want to be friendly if you ride with someone.

From there you will raise up on arms like Dumbo and spin around the center. The spinning is fairly intense compared to Dumbo, Magic Carpets, or Triceratops spin. The exciting thing is that you can see a long ways across Magic Kingdom including including Tomorrowland, Space Mountain, Tron Lightcycle, and on into Fantasyland.

When we visited recently, two rockets weren’t working so the line moved slowly.

General Information

Theme Park: Magic Kingdom

Area of the Park: Tommorowland

Age Range Appeal: Preschoolers, Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults

Queue Description: After riding the elevators to the top, there is just a short queue line to ride. The Orbiter doesn’t hold many people so you may have to wait a bit still. This isn’t a good ride to ride in mid-day Florida sun as it is blazing hot up there.

Queue Length: Usually 20 minutes or less

Ride Height Requirements: Any Height

Scary Factor: People with a fear of heights should avoid this ride as you move pretty fast and are high above Magic Kingdom.

Official URL:

Astro Orbiter Video

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