Star Tours – The Adventures Continue is a simulator based on a fictional travel company set in the Star Wars universe. Its fun to see all your favorites on this ride.

Each time you ride Star Tours you get a new experience as a collection of mini-simulations are chosen from a larger set. These are mixed and matched to form a new combination each time.

The experiences draw on your favorite Star Wars movies both new and old. During the ride, you transition between the various simulations by jumping into and out of hyperspace. Each time you make the jump you get a jolt and then a new experience.

You must ride the ride several times if you want to see all the mini-simulations as each time a handful are chosen from collection of 21.

What is guaranteed is that you will see familiar faces and familiar places if you are fan of the Star Wars franchise.

Some people get mild motion sickness on this ride, so take note of that you tend to get nausea.

The queue is a bit slow as it winds through a fairly constrained place.

General Information

Theme Park: Hollywood Studios

Area of the Park: Echo Lake

Age Range Appeal: Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults

Queue Description: The queue zig zags through just a couple of rooms. It always seems like only a handful of people move forward each cycle. There are some animatronics with audio and some easter eggs if you pay attention, but overall its a tough wait.

Queue Length: You can sometimes get on Star Tours with less than a 30 minute wait and that is ideal. When the queue gets close to an hour, I wouldn’t join as you can usually find a shorter wait later.

Ride Height Requirements:: 40in (102 cm) or taller

Scary Factor: Low-Medium – There is a bit of excitement and simulated battle scenes in some of the simulations. This should be OK for any kid that you would let watch Star Wars movies.

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Star Tours – The Adventures Continue Video

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