Today I’m sharing the Best Universal Studios Lanyards.

Planning a trip to the Universal Studios Florida? You’re going to want a lanyard!

Lanyards at Universal parks are kind of the equivalent of the Disney park MagicBands. Just like a MagicBand, using a lanyard helps you to keep your park tickets or express passes handy without draining the battery on your cell phone.

Let’s dive into the big why behind the lanyard craze and then we will look at the best Universal Studios lanyards.

Do you need a Lanyard at Universal Studios?  Yes, yes you do!  Here's why plus all of the best Universal Studios lanyards out there!

Do you have to wear a lanyard at Universal?

Most people wear a lanyard at Universal Studios for the following reasons:

It’s a convenient way to keep your Universal Express pass handy. If you decide to buy the Express pass (which if you can, you should heavily consider!) you’ll need to show those passes over and over in the queue.

The express passes work similarly to the Genie+ system at Disney World. In short, you pay more to skip the lines. So, as you pass through the ride queues, you will need to show your express passes multiple times if you are using the express pass line.

Sure, you could use your cell phones for this, but it is time consuming to open the app again and again and of course it will drain your phone battery very quickly.

You’ll be using your phone a lot already to check wait times and to use the camera – so if you can save some battery power, you’ll have a better day!

The better (and popular option at Universal Studios Orlando) is to simply print out your Express passes at home and place them in the lanyard. It’s convenient and a great way to simplify your day in the parks!

You can also use your lanyard to use the free lockers outside of attractions. (Many Universal rides require you to use lockers for your personal belongings. )

Your park ticket opens the lockers. The whole locker process goes way smoother (and faster!) if you can access your ticket quickly. Hooray for lanyards!

What do you put in the lanyard?

  • We recommend that you print off your Universal Studios Theme parks paper ticket at home and then place in the lanyard.
  • Many people will also carry their room key, ID or credit cards in the lanyard to keep them within easy reach at all times.

The Best Lanyards for Universal Studios

Alright! Now that you are on board with wearing a lanyard like the rest of us, let’s take a look at the best lanyards for Universal Studios.

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Harry Potter Lanyards

Let’s hit the best ones first! (Shameless plug for Harry Potter!)

With the amazing Wizarding World of Harry Potter in both Universal’s Islands of Adventure™ and Universal Studios Florida™ a Harry Potter lanyard is a natural choice!

harry potter lanyard with yellow and maroon

I love this officially licensed Harry Potter Lanyard. It’s classic and perfect for a day of exploring the magic of Universal Studios. It features a fun charm as well as a Lobster Claw Clasp. It also comes with a cool Id Badge Holder. Perfect for your Harry Potter fan.

magical wizard lanyards pair

If you are looking for a value pack – check out this pair of Magical Wizard lanyards. You get 2 fun Wizard themed lanyards along with the ID Badge holders. Love these!

glasses and thunderbolt lanyard by tennada

I also like this Glasses and Thunderbolt design lanyard by Tennada. It’s reasonably priced and has excellent reviews. Plus there’s tons of pattern choices too. Just make sure you buy an ID Card Badge Holder to go with it.

Of course, if you are team Slytherin, there’s nothing for you here.

Leave. Now. Just kidding!

green slytherin lanyard

This Slytherin Lanyard is perfect for the rebel. For those who like to make others cringe…for the ones who identify with the House of Slytherin.

Amazon also has tons of amazing lanyards for the other Hogwarts houses as well. You can check those lanyards out here.

Jurassic Park Lanyards

The Jurassic Park section of Universal’s Islands of Adventure is another favorite! If you have any dinosaur fans, you’ll want to check out these Jurassic Park Lanyards.

jurassic park lanyard

This Jurassic Park Lanyard is so classic looking. It comes with a rubber charm and has a click release. It is an Officially Licensed Jurassic Park Lanyard. What a great choice for your dino lovers!

jurassic park lanyard when dinosaurs ruled the earth

Here’s another option! This cool Jurassic Park Lanyard has the fun phrase “When dinosaurs ruled the Earth” on it. It is also an officially licensed Jurassic Park lanyard with a fun rubber charm. Perfect for those loving the Jurassic era.

dinosaur lanyard on blue

And finally, for the dinosaur fan who just really wants a dinosaur on their lanyard, this blue dinosaur print lanyard is great! It features several different kinds of dinosaurs including the Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and more, which I could not identify as my dinosaur identification skills are sorely lacking.

Marvel Lanyard

If Marvel Super Hero Island is your favorite place, then a Marvel Lanyard is perfect for you!

marvel lanyard

I love this Marvel Comics lanyard. It features Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and more! What a great lanyard with all things Marvel!

Spiderman lanyard

This Spiderman Lanyard is perfect for your Marvel fan. It has a Spiderman head rubber pendant and breakaway closures. Very cool!

hulk lanyard

If you are more of an Incredible Hulk fan, be sure to check out this marvelous (sorry, can’t help myself!) green Hulk lanyard with the big guy himself.

bundle of marvel lanyards

If you are buying lanyards for the whole family or a group, you might love this deal! You’ll find 10 Marvel themed lanyards in this set.

Have fun swapping them out each day, or commit to your favorite! It’s up to you. Be sure to buy a pack of the ID badge card holders to go with it.

lanyard pack of assorted colors

Or if you just want a cheap option, grab this big set of lanyards for your group. They are simple and do the job!

I love that you get a variety of lanyards with the card holder. Plus everyone can grab their favorite color!

I hope you’ve found some amazing options for Universal Studios lanyards.

The hardest part is picking a favorite! (But good news….you can secretly buy 2 lanyards and use a different lanyard the second day in the park….and no one will judge you.)

The Best Universal studios lanyards - find what you need for your next trip to Universal Studios theme park - pic of Hogwarts in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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