The Haunted Mansion is a slow dark “spooky” ride that first appeared at Disneyland and is a classic available at multiple Disney parks.


The queue is pretty slow and can be hot even with the shade on sunny Orlando day so this is a good one to rope drop or get a Lightning Lane for which are often available even late into the day.

In a prior visit, we stayed onsite so we were able to rope drop Seven Dwarves Mine Train during early entry, and then rope drop haunted mansion when the full park opens 30 minutes later. Haunted Mansion attraction opens with Adventureland and Frontierland at the normal park open time and is not available for early entry. There is a rope just below Rapunzel’s bathrooms.

Ride Experience

This attraction generates mixed reviews in my family. My wife really loves the ride and is tied to it probably because of fond memories while the rest of us feel the attraction is meh. I always look around expecting to see something especially funny, surprising, or exciting and always leave wanting.

After waiting in line, a group of guests will be ushered into a large room where the attraction really begins. A voice narrating will talk about how the room you are now in has no windows and no doors. Soon the walls begin closing in, and not really enough to make it claustrophobic or unsettling.

Afterwards, you are queued again to board the continuous ride. You will see lots and lots of ghosts and spooky eyes, etc., but there is no gore violence and the overall experience is not scary for even the youngest of kids.

Probably, the best part of the ride is when you go past some mirrors at the end and the kids get to see there is a ghost riding in or on the ride vehicle with them. As with most continuous rides, you will exit without the ride vehicle stopping to make way for the next riders.

General Information

Theme Park: Magic Kingdom

Area of the Park: Liberty Square

Age Range Appeal: Preschoolers, Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults

Queue Description: The queue is pretty basic. There are a handful of things to look at as you get closer to the attraction, and it doesn’t have an entertainment value itself like some of the newer attractions do.

Queue Length: Usually about 30-50 minutes. Much of this can be outdoors and even with shade and a few fans this can be a tough wait.

Ride Height Requirements: Any Height

Scary Factor: Low – mildly scary.

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