Pirates of the Caribbean is a dark (mostly) slow boat ride that takes you into the land of your favorite movies.

The standby line for Pirates of the Caribbean varies a lot in length. It’s a ride you’ll want to watch in the My Disney Experience App. There is one easter egg in the queue for a bit of fun. When you get to the empty jail cell; it appears locked. There is a button under the latch that you can open it for a quick photo opportunity.

The ride vehicle itself is a boat similar to It’s a Small World, Gran Fiesta Tour, or Frozen Ever After and Disney does a really good job sorting people into groups and helping passengers load. This ride moves a lot of volume.

The ride itself itself takes you on adventure right from the Pirates of the Caribbean where you’ll experience a cannon battle between two ships. Some scenes appear to be appear from the night that Elizabeth Swann was captured. Other’s appear to be from drunken Tortuga. There is even a classic scene where prisoners are trying to bribe the dog who has the keys to unlock their cell.

For added fun several of the pirate animatronics are made to look like Johnny Depp reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Experience the great adventure as you travel through scenes from your favorite band of pirates.

Beware, this ride exits into a gift shop filled with guns, swords and other pirate booty sure to catch every kid’s eye.

General Information

Theme Park: Magic Kingdom

Area of the Park: Adventureland

Age Range Appeal: Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults

Queue Description: Most of the time the queue for Pirates of the Caribbean moves quickly. There are some props to look at but nothing is too interactive. There is one easter egg where when you get to the jail cell, you can lift on the bottom of the latch to open it and capture a quick pic in the jail.

Queue Length: After rope drop, where you could walk on to this ride the queue ranges from 15-60 minutes. If you watch it, throughout the day, you can get a short wait time. It’s also a ride that is surprisingly available as a Lightning Lane if you’ve paid for the Genie+ service.

Ride Height Requirements: Any Height

Scary Factor: Low – There is one small drop. It is a dark ride with pirates, “explosions”. None of my preschool age kids were frightened.

Official URL: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/attractions/magic-kingdom/pirates-of-the-caribbean/

Pirates of the Caribbean Video

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