Hey there gluten free friend! Here’s the Best Gluten Free Epcot Restaurants and Snacks in 2024.

I love Disney and how well Walt Disney World takes care of those of us with food allergies and dietary restrictions. It’s absolutely magical.

I hope this article can help erase any fears you might have about eating at Epcot on a gluten free diet.

My husband eats gluten free because Celiac Disease runs in his family. Also, I have Celiac Disease (diagnosed in 2020 – what a crazy year!)

Sharing all of this to say, we get it. We aren’t random reporters for a large company that are just reading menus. We actually live this….and eat those amazing Disney Gluten free options!

Gluten Free Epcot - find all the best gluten free Epcot restaurants and snacks - pictured: Epcot ball

I’ve broken this info up into 3 sections – table service restaurants, quick service, and snacks!

Let’s jump in!

Gluten Free Epcot Table Service

Epcot has plenty of wonderful table service restaurants. You will find that many chefs at these nicer restaurants are pretty accommodating and willing to make a gluten free version of another menu item. Please note that it’s not always possible though, and of course, always ask politely!

1) Coral Reef Restaurant

The Coral Reef Restaurant is found next to The Seas with Nemo & Friends. You can enjoy the living coral reef and all the amazing sea creatures swimming by as you eat. We recommend the gluten free Mahi Mahi with Jasmine rice here. But you can also enjoy a great meal of prime rib, or Cajun chicken pasta, or salmon. Plus, you can also find a flourless chocolate cake for dessert.

So many amazing menu items that are gluten free and what a view! Be sure to snag a reservation for this restaurant, it’s my personal favorite.

2) Garden Grill Restaurant

Dine in a slowly rotating restaurant and meet character Chip and Dale and other Disney pals! This restaurant is a kid favorite.

It’s known for it’s amazing allergy friendly feast. You’ll find gluten free bread, salad, grilled beef with chimichurri, rice, bbq chicken, seasonal veggies, and a gluten free berry shortcake!

The downside is it’s fixed menu cost, which means you’ll pay a lot for that little kid who only eats a roll, but….they are gluten free rolls!

3) Space 220

This restaurant is BIG on experience….imagine feeling like you are dining in outer space! Many people feel like the gluten-free food options are limited for the super high fixed menu cost.

Wondering what it’s like to dine in space? You’ll find items like Lobster Bisque, Filet Mignon, Red Snapper, Short Rib, Seared Tuna, Salmon, Steak, Chicken and more.

I’d say this restaurant makes the list not for the food…..but because it’s an incredible experience and definitely one for your bucket list.

amazing gluten free epcot dining options - world showcase shown

Gluten Free Epcot Quick Service

1) Regal Eagle Smokehouse

Regal Eagle is located in the American Pavilion at Epcot. You’ll find tons of great gluten free food here!

There’s gluten free ribs, smoked pork, smoked chicken, a brisket sandwich, and more.

Best of all, the side dishes are awesome too! You’ll find gluten free garlic toast, french fries, baked beans, and house-made pickles.

My family loves BBQ, so Regal Eagle Smokehouse is always on our must-visit list!

2) Connections Eatery

Have a picky eater in your group? Connections Eatery is the place for you!

You’ll find gluten free burgers, chicken strips and salads. And not just the typical burger choices either – you can grab a French Bistro Burger or a Southwestern style burger….or of course, an American Classic burger.

It’s the perfect place for a quick bite with plenty of normal food choices for kids!

3) La Cantina de San Angel

This restaurant does not have a dedicated gluten free menu, but many people on the gluten free diet have reported successfully eating gluten free at the Mexican restaurants at Epcot. You can grab delicious chips with guacamole or fried plaintains (ask for it without the topping to make it gluten free).

We’ve heard great things about the chicken tacos with rice and black beans. Be sure to ask about other gluten free options.

View of American Pavilion at Epcot Disney world - best gluten free epcot food

Gluten Free Snacks – Epcot

1) Maple Popcorn – Canada Food Cart

Don’t miss the Maple flavored popcorn in Canada. It’s similar to caramel corn in flavor and texture.

You can grab a small box to try….or go all in and get the souvenir popcorn bucket with super cheap refills! You can find Maple Popcorn in the Canada food cart located outside the Canada Pavilion.

2) L’Artisan des Glaces

L’Artisan des Glaces in Epcot’s France section reportedly has GF macaroon ice cream sandwiches, macaroons, ice cream, and sorbets. (I have not tried this one yet….super excited about it though!)

3) Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in France has Gluten Free Creme Brûlée, macaroons, and a berry parfait. You need to ask to get one from the back to avoid cross contamination.

4) Dole Whip – Refreshment Outpost

Here’s a fun find! You can get a gluten free pineapple Dole Whip and Raspberry Dole Whip at the Refreshment Outpost between China and Germany. Be sure to ask for it in a cup to make it gluten free. Yum!

5) Germany Sommerfest

We’ve heard you can find a gluten free brats on gluten free buns at the Sommerfest in Germany. This is a secret menu item, perfect for those of you wanting to eat around the world!

Epcot gluten free - Epcot ball with flowers surrounding it

More Epcot Gluten Free Tips!

A few more things to note about eating gluten free at Epcot:

It’s always best to mention your gluten allergy right away to the cast member taking your order. Feel free to ask for the chef if you feel like your options are limited. (Sometimes they are able to adjust a recipe to meet your dietary needs.)

In most Disney World Restaurants, you will find a gluten-free menu on the My Disney Experience App when you mobile order. However, at Epcot, there’s not as much listed for special diets due to many of the restaurants in the World Showcase not being Disney owned.

Also, the Food and Wine Festival has an ever-changing menu. Sometimes you will find some amazing gluten-free items at a food booth.

I’d advise you to make plans for meals and know your gluten free meal options, but also be flexible to allow for some fun gluten-free snacks.

More Gluten Free Disney World Options

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