Planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Be sure to check out the Best Disney World Vloggers on YouTube in 2024!

A good strategy for learning a lot about Disney Parks and to check out some YouTube videos on topics that you’d like to know more about.

YouTube can be a bit of a time suck, so I always recommend going in with a purpose!

However, you can learn a lot from Disney World Vloggers!

Best Disney World Vloggers - 6 Must See YouTube Channels for the best trip ever!   Dive into your Disney World vacation planning with amazing tips and tricks from these Disney World Vlogs on YouTube

What is a Vlogger?

A Vlogger is basically a blogger who creates and upload a video blog. So instead of writing the blog article, they use video!

Some advantages to watching Vlogger videos are that you can see with your eyes much more that what an article can describe. Plus, vloggers are fun to watch and they can convey much more personality/humor than an article typically can.

The disadvantage is that some vloggers go on tangents and you might not get the information you are looking for…..or it might take a while to find the information you need.

There’s definitely a quality factor as well. Some vloggers produce high quality video while others have shaky cameras and poor quality content.

You’re in luck, because I’ve done my homework and found the very best Disney Vloggers out there on YouTube for you.

So let’s dive in!

Here’s some of my personal favorite Disney World Vloggers.

1) Mammoth Club

Molly (formerly from All Ears) has a new YouTube channel of her own and it’s amazing. She’s spunky, full of energy, and full of Disney and Universal Studios knowledge.

Molly takes you into the parks, points out details most of us would overlook, and shares the best tips and tricks for having a great Disney experience.

If you need a good Disney strategy or looking for sound advice on how to spend your day at Universal Studios Orlando, Molly’s got you covered!

2) DFB Guide

You will love AJ from DFB Guide (Disney Food Blog). The videos are top notch and the advice is top notch as well!

DFB Guide is professional, polished, and full of great Disney information. It’s chock full of great Disney tips on the parks, Genie+, hotels, food, and general Disney information. Plus, they always do a great job with covering special events. So much great advice here, don’t miss this one!

3) All Ears

All Ears is a solid choice for all things Disney and Universal! This channel brings tons of great tips with great video. It would have been my top pick (but, as mentioned above, Molly, the star of this channel, recently moved on to start her own channel).

All Ears is still full of value though! These Disney Vloggers do fun challenges in the parks to see what strategies work best and whether upgrades like Genie+ are worth it.

It’s fun to see the best ways to utilize rope drop. So much to love about All Ears!

4) Mickey Views

Brayden from Mickey Views has a wealth of knowledge and is able to convey it! This Disney Vlogger is all about sharing the latest Disney News for Walt Disney World and more! He explores anything and everything in the Disney Universe as well as noting upcoming things at Universal theme parks as well!

You’ll find construction updates, walkthroughs, and he shares “the why” behind what the Walt Disney Company does and how it works. Perfect for Disney fans who want to know what’s new with Disney!

5) Paging Mr. Morrow

This Disney Vlogger is a little on the eclectic side, but his quirky reactions and funny antics are rather loveable. He immerses you into different restaurants, hotel reviews, and attractions within the Disney Theme Parks.

He’s brutally honest and watching his videos are refreshing as he speaks the truth. However, if you are looking for quick information, his meanderings through the parks can be off-putting.

I recommend Paging Mr. Morrow for those who want a deep dive into certain experiences, as it’s like having your own personal Disney destinations tour guide who will give you their honest opinion.

If Paging Mr. Morrow, isn’t your style, no worries….I’ve got one more awesome channel for you to check out….

6) TPM Vids

TPM Vids is a great channel to learn about all things Disney. It’s a great resource for learning more in depth about Disney events and rides. The videos are high quality, the voice overs are excellent and all together it’s well put together.

This is my 7 year old son’s favorite channel for getting his Disney fix. TPM Vids is full of immersive Disney experiences and fun videos about extinct attractions, hidden details and secrets, and new attractions.

Truly a great channel full of top notch information and it’s just plain fun to watch.

And….that’s it. Honestly, there’s a ton of Disney Vlogs on YouTube, but I can’t recommend vloggers that share shaky video or make annoying comments (talking through the rides to the annoyance of the guests around them and annoying us at home in the process!)

There’s no shortage of Disney Vlogging channels. Some do daily vlogs, others do live streams (which I don’t dig, because who has time to watch all of that!) while other Disney YouTubers just post their podcast on YouTube.

There’s a ton of information out there, but if you want to get the best information about Walt Disney World Resort hotels, Magic Kingdom, and all the Disney theme parks, I recommend sticking to the 6 best Disney World YouTube channels.

Sometimes, less is more, friends.

Don’t waste your time, stick to the great content creators above and you’ll find all of the great travel tips you need for your next trip to the happiest place on earth!

Planning a Disney trip?

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