Looking for the Best Disney World Souvenirs? We’ve got you covered!

When you step foot onto Disney Parks property, you’ll see souvenirs everywhere. You’ll find cool items at your Disney resort hotel, at each of the theme parks, and of course at Disney Springs.

If your family is like ours, we have a budget, so we want to get the best Disney Souvenirs for the money.

We don’t want to pay those premium prices in the park, only to find the same identical item on Amazon when we get home.

Today we are sharing classic souvenirs from gift shops on Disney property. Plus, we will talk about some unique souvenirs as well as buyers remorse.

1) Christmas Ornaments

Personally, I believe the best souvenirs for Disney are Christmas Ornaments.

We like to mark each year/trip with a new ornament. It’s fun to pick one out at Disney to remind us of our fun vacation.

Each year when we put our Disney Christmas Ornament on the tree, we think of that fun family vacation we had together and what we did that year.

It’s such a great way to remember our trip!

2) Minnie Ears and Mickey Ears

minnie mouse ears on a baby

Magic Kingdom is filled with people wearing Mickey Mouse ears and Minnie ears! It’s a Disney thing!

Getting a pair of Minnie Ears or Mickey ears is a great souvenir because you can immediately wear them and enjoy them.

Plus, you can use them in future trips to the parks as well. Sure, you can find Mickey ears online, but the quality can be lacking.

When you buy them in person, you can see the high quality firsthand.

It’s so much fun to pick out your mouse gear in the parks.

There’s so many choices and you are sure to find the perfect pair for your picture in front of Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle.

3) Disney Stuffed Animal

child holding minnie mouse and stitch stuffed animals

If you are looking for the perfect souvenir for kids, you can’t go wrong with a Disney Stuffed animal.

Whether it’s a child’s first time at the most magical place or their 5th, Disney plush toys are always a favorite!

We always try to get our kids a Stuffed animal for their first trip to Disney.

My oldest got a Jake doll (back when Jake and the Neverland Pirates was big!)

My youngest girls got Stitch and Minnie Mouse as those were their favorite characters at the time of their first visit. And of course, my son has Grogu.

Stuffed animals can be a great souvenir to remind your child of their Disney vacation.

4) Disney Mugs

blue Mickey Mouse coffee mug

If you are looking to bring some Disney magic home coffee mugs with your favorite Disney characters can be an awesome souvenir idea.

There’s plenty to choose from everywhere you look.

You’ll find limited edition coffee mugs as well as mugs featuring your favorite character or Disney park.

What a great way to bring some magic into your everyday life.

5) Autograph Book

child getting autograph from Minnie Mouse at Disney World

A character Autograph book can be a wonderful souvenir.

As you meet characters, you can have them sign the book as something fun for your kids to look back on later.

My only warning with this is to not go super crazy trying to obtain signatures. There’s SO many character meet and greets and those lines can get long.

I’d prioritize one or two characters and then be opportunistic about the rest….meeting characters when the wait times happen to be low.

6) Photo Album

mom and child looking at photo album

A photo album with pictures from your trip is an amazing souvenir.

If you really want to do it up right, take advantage of the Photopass photographers.

If you pay for the Memory Maker package, you will get awesome family photos as well as photos of your family on the rides.

Once you get home, print your pics and put them in a fun Disney themed photo album! Such a great souvenir!

7) Pressed Penny Machines

pressed penny coin with minnie and mickey on it

If you are looking for a unique souvenir that is inexpensive, be sure to check out the pressed penny machines.

These have changed a lot in the past few years, but basically you can get a coin that is pressed with the imprint of a Disney character.

Disney now provides the coin within the machine and some machines take a dollar while others only take credit cards.

So, even though pressed pennies have changed a lot, they still make a relatively cheap souvenir for kids.

8) Disney Pins

I have to mention Disney Pins because they are “a thing.” People like to trade pins in the park and it can be a fun thing for kids.

You can buy pins in the parks or you can buy some ahead of time and then be ready to trade with others wearing pins.

My family has never gotten into pin trading though.

So, carry on Disney pin traders….carry on….You do you.

9) Celebration Buttons

free Disney World Celebration button

Want a free souvenir? You can stop by any Guest Service Desk and get a free Celebration Button to mark your special occasion.

You can get a celebration button for special events like:

  • First Visit
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Marriage
  • Reunion
  • Any other fun event

10) Build a Light Saber

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention building a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop in Hollywood Studios.

This magical experience is one of a kind and would definitely trump any of the unique items you find at the souvenir shops.

If you have Star Wars fans, this is an unforgettable experience!

And that’s it! I hope you got some great ideas for unique Disney Souvenirs. It’s always fun to bring a little bit of the magic from Disney home with you.

Buyers Remorse

And now, we get to talk about buyers remorse. To avoid regretting your Disney purchases, I recommend a few things.

Make sure you stick to your budget. If you weren’t planning to spend $35+ for Minnie Mouse ears, don’t do it. Prices are notoriously higher in the parks….from food to souvenirs, you can estimate that everything will cost….well…..MORE!

That includes items at your Disney hotel resort. Things in the Disney bubble just plain cost more!

Consider doing a quick Amazon search before your purchase. Sure, it takes some of the magic out of being in a Disney Gift Shop, but realistically… do you want to pay extra so that you can buy it in the parks?

Also, don’t buy the first thing you see. We always have our kids wait until later in the trip to pick out a souvenir. Chances are, they will find something they love at any of the parks.

That being said, if you find the perfect item at Animal Kingdom and you don’t plan to be back at that park – grab it.

Buyers remorse can work both ways….you might regret NOT getting it. Tricky, Right!!?!

The Best Disney Souvenirs - and how to avoid buyers remorse - pic of magic kingdom cinderella castle

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