The rumors are true…you can absolutely find Gluten Free Beignets at Disney World!  Here’s where you can find them, the easiest way to get there, and everything you need to know about these delicious gluten free treats!

I had heard via a Gluten Free Disney group on Facebook that you could find gluten free beignets at  Scat Cat’s Club Cafe at Disney’s Port Orleans resort.  So, naturally, we had to check this out!

Disney Port Orleans resort

Oh…they were SO delicious and quite possibly my favorite gluten free Disney treat ever!

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2020 and my husband is also on a gluten free diet as well.  We definitely appreciate the way Disney goes above and beyond to offer amazing gluten-free options to it’s guests.  

You’ll feel like Disney royalty when you are served these amazing gluten-free beignets.

Let’s go ahead and dive into everything you need to know about these incredible gluten free snacks.

gluten free beignets at Disney

What is a Beignet?

If you’ve never had one – beignets are soft, pillowy square shaped doughnuts covered in powered sugar that are served up nice and hot.  

Beignets are deep fried and generously sprinkled with confectioners sugar.  

beignet gluten free with dipping sauces

They are classic treat commonly found in New Orleans, Louisiana.  

According to Wikipedia, these French pastry treats were brought to New Orleans by French colonists in the 18th century.

Not sure how to pronounce it so you can order it?  Simply say “BEN – YAY”….which is exactly how I feel about these delicious treats!  YAY!

Where can you find Gluten Free Beignets at Disney? 

At Walt Disney World Resort, you can find gluten free beignets at the Port Orleans French Quarter Hotel at a small quick-service restaurant called  Scat Cat’s Club Cafe inside the main building (shown below).

Port Orleans Main Building

Scat Cat’s Club Cafe is right next to Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory.

You might overlook Scat Cat’s Club Cafe because it’s small, but this giant sign for Sassagoula Floatworks will help you – Scat Cat’s is right next to this!

To get to Port Orleans French Quarter Resort, you have a few options.  

  1. You could drive and tell the security clerk at the entrance that you are there to get gluten free beignets at Scat Cat’s Club Cafe.  
  2. You could take a free Disney bus from Disney Springs to Port Orleans French Quarter resort.
  3. My favorite option: Take the free ferry boat from Disney Springs. Simply find the Sassagoula Boats that travel between the Disney Springs Marketplace dock and certain resorts. Find a boat with a purple flag and take it to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter. It’s such a relaxing boat ride for a delicious treat! Afterwards you might enjoy walking down to Port Orleans Riverside and taking the ferry back to Disney Springs from there. (Or you can simply take the boat back to Disney Springs from Port Orleans French Quarter.)
Scat Cat Club Cafe entrance

Gluten Free Beignets Disney World

When you arrive at Scat Cat’s Club Cafe, you might not see the gluten free beignets on the actual menu, but simply ask a cast member at Scat Cats when you are ordering and they will make sure to note your gluten intolerance or food allergies.   

Scat Cat Club Cafe menu

The regular beignets are Mickey shaped and the gluten free friendly beignets are rectangular.  A cast member will also give you a buzzer that will go off when your order is ready.  

The gluten free Beignets take a little longer than the regular ones.  And FYI, these fried beignets come out fresh and super HOT and covered in powdered sugar!  

Also, they have excellent protocol for making sure gluten allergies are taken seriously.  They place a wooden allergy pick on gluten allergy orders and they serve it on a purple tray or in a bag with a purple sticker.  Be sure to watch for these to ensure you stay safe on Disney property.

allergry friendly request bag for gluten free beignets and 2 sauces

The Gluten free Beignets can be ordered as a set of 3 or 6.  We went for the 6….admittedly we ordered them to-to because we thought we probably couldn’t eat 6…..but then….we they were so good, we sure did!

piping hot beignets gluten free Disney world

You also have a choice of dipping sauces.  You can add additional sauces to your order as well.  We tried the Strawberry and the Salted Carmel. There was also a Chocolate option as well.  

I LOVED the strawberry sauce while my husband favored the Salted Caramel.   Honestly, you probably can’t go wrong either way.  They were so delicious!  

And a side note…it’s definitely worth paying for a second flavor of sauce…no regrets here!

gluten free Beignets at Disney World resort

The cast member informed me that all the beignet dipping sauces were indeed gluten free.  (April 2024).   But on the precautionary side, I would always ask – just in case they change suppliers!  

I’m a sensitive Celiac so I react quickly to cross contamination, so I’m always watching for protocols etc.

Happily, I was able to safely eat and enjoy these amazing beignets.  No problems whatsoever!

I’m already planning my next visit to enjoy these classic New Orleans treats.  

Are Gluten Free Beignets Worth It?

You might be thinking….these aren’t in one of the Disney Parks…are they even worth the trip?  

Totally.  100%.  

If you have a Disney Springs day planned, I’d add this to the agenda.

 It’s such a pleasant boat ride out to Port Orleans and the gluten free beignets are everything I hoped for!  

They are definitely one of the best treats on Disney property.  

Plus, it’s fun to explore the different Disney resorts and see what they have to offer.

We combined this beignet adventure with a day at Disney Springs….we enjoyed a relaxing day with breakfast at Erin McKenna’s gluten free bakery, shopping, lunch at Raglan Road, and then the afternoon at Port Orleans for beignets.  

I even squeezed in an end of the day Dole Whip at Swirls on the Water at Disney Springs.  

Dole whip at Swirls on the Water

This is definitely the perfect way to take a break from the theme parks and relax on your vacation.

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gluten free Beignets at Disney World - a must-do!

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